Mind Flight:
A Journey Into the Future

Tom Lombardo
Jeanne Belisle Lombardo

Table of Contents

Introduction: The Act of Creation

Chapter One: Eros and Enlightenment

Discovering Reality
Through the Eyes of Eternity
Sex and Science Fiction
Existentialism and the Hippies
Passion, Reason, and the Absolute

Chapter Two: The Ecology of Mind

The Theory of Facts
Dionysius and the Music of the Spheres
The Reciprocity of Perception
Refuting the Matrix
Journeys through Space and Time

Chapter Three: Lightning in the Darkness

Teaching in the Inferno
Lost in the Universe
The Quality of Love
In Nonsense is Strength
Into the Nothingness

Chapter Four: The Yin-Yang of Time

The Rings of Reciprocity
Harmony Theory
Angels from Heaven and Monsters from the Deep
Finding the Tao
His Smoke Rose Up Forever
The Confessions
Reciprocity and Resurrection

Chapter Five: Madness, Evolution, and God

The Psychotic, the Tormented, and the Deranged
Tenacity and Re-Creation
The Evolution of the Cosmos
Growth, Stagnation, and Decay
Redemption and Temptation

Chapter Six: Into the Light

Paradigm Shifts
Discovering the Future
The Computer and the Book
The Odyssey of the Future

Chapter Seven: The Dialogues of Love

The End of Harmony
Independence Day
A Vision and a Mission
A Future Life
The Feeling of What Happens

Chapter Eight: Cosmos and Consciousness

The Future Evolution of Mind
Adam and Eve in the New Millennium
To Wyatt with Love
The Shrike and Other Aliens
The Story of the Universe
The Ethics of Thinking
The Evolution of Future Consciousness

Chapter Nine: Virtue and Wisdom, Death and the Past

Searching for Enlightenment
Demons and Victims in a Sea of Chaos
The True and the Good
The Pursuit of Virtue
Memories and Historical Vibrations
The Star of Wisdom
A Whirlwind of Events
God’s Next Move

Chapter Ten: The Dream and the Awakening

Epiphanies and Revelations
The Satori Slap
Contemplations on Science and God
The Accelerative Flow of Love
The Leap of Faith, the Dawn of Creation

Chapter Eleven: The Fire on the Mountain

The Library and the Naked Lady
The Beauty in the Garden
Reflections on the East
Mental Evolutions
The Birth of a Philosopher
The Utopian Ideal
The Ecology of the Real
Life, the Universe, and Everything Else
The Center of Future Consciousness

Chapter Twelve: Dancing to Music Under the Stars

Beneath the Amber Moon
The Essence of Things
Time, Heroes, and the Psychology of Evil
Pedro and the Buddha
The Wonders of Technology
The Big Questions
The Deepest Mysteries
The Story of Us All
Synthesis and Antithesis
The Death of My Father
The Meaning of Life
Synchronicity and Punctuated Equilibria
The Gestalt
Epitaphs and Beginnings