Future Consciousness:
The Path To Purposeful Evolution

Thomas Lombardo

Table of Contents

Part One

Chapter One - Wisdom and Creating a Good Future

  • The Question and the Answer
  • The Big Picture
  • The Author and the Journey toward Wisdom

Chapter Two - Reality and Cosmic Evolution

  • The Circle and the Line
  • The Eternal and the Changeless
  • The Dynamic Nature of the Cosmos
  • Evolution
  • The Evolution of Evolution

Chapter Three - Human Evolution and Consciousness

  • The Evolutionary Nature of Human Reality
  • The Contemporary Transformational Rush
  • Psychological Evolution
  • The Future Directional Flow of Consciousness
  • Perspectives on Time
  • Human Purposeful Evolution

Chapter Four - Reciprocity

  • Taoism and the Yin Yang
  • Reciprocity within the World
  • The Reciprocity of the Conscious Self and the World
  • Order and Chaos - Stability and Change
  • Reciprocal Evolution

Chapter Five - Well Being and the Good

  • Ethics and the Good Life
  • Well-Being and the Good: Classical Heritage
  • Well-Being and the Good: Modernism
  • Well-Being and the Good: Problems with Modernism
  • Well-Being and the Good: Contemporary Holistic Theories

Chapter Six - Flourishing through Virtue

  • Flourishing, Well Being, and the Good
  • The Virtue Theory of Ethics and Happiness
  • Flourishing in the Flow of Evolution

Chapter Seven - Heightened Future Consciousness

  • The Primacy of the Future and the Value of Future Consciousness
  • The Psychology of Future Consciousness
  • A Virtue Theory of Heightened Future Consciousness

Chapter Eight - Self-Control and Self-Responsibility

  • Self-Responsibility
  • Psychological Determinism and Freedom
  • Self-Efficacy and Internal versus External Locus of Control
  • The Theory of Willpower and Self-Control
  • The Development of Willpower
  • The Evolution of Willpower

Chapter Nine - The Ecology of Future Consciousness

  • Reciprocity and Flourishing within the World
  • The Affordances of the Environment
  • Social Ecology
  • The Virtue of Love
  • Stability and Change - Individuality and Conformity
  • Flourishing Within Social Transformation and Futures Trends
  • Humans and Technology: The Wise Cyborg
  • One With Nature - One With the Universe
Part Two

Chapter Ten - Emotion

  • Fundamentals of Emotion
  • Positive and Negative Anticipatory Emotions: Hope and Fear
  • Guiding Future Emotional Evolution
  • The Virtue of Happiness
  • The Necessity and Value of Negative Emotions
  • Wonder, Awe, and Astonishment

Chapter Eleven - Motivation

  • Motivation and Purpose
  • Goal Setting and Achievement
  • Stability versus Growth and Change
  • Optimism, Pessimism, and Realism
  • Hope, Courage, and Approach versus Fear and Avoidance
  • Evolution, Stability, Change, and the Virtues of Growth

Chapter Twelve - Purposeful Behavior

  • Decision and Action
  • Focus and Flow
  • Rhythm, Discipline, Grit, and Tenacity
  • Journeys and Destinations
  • Wisdom and Deep Purpose

Chapter Thirteen - Learning, Memory, and Habit

  • Knowledge, Learning, Memory, and Future Consciousness
  • Conditioning, Learning, and Habits
  • Habits and Motives
  • Learning with Understanding: Deep versus Surface Learning

Chapter Fourteen - Consciousness and Understanding

  • Perspectives, Theories, Paradigms, World Views, and Narratives
  • The Ethics, Psychology, and Epistemology of Beliefs
  • Dualities of Consciousness, Understanding, Enlightenment, and Wisdom
  • Controlling the Flow of Consciousness

Chapter Fifteen - Thinking and Imagination

  • The Nature and Purposes of Thinking
  • The Standards and Virtues of Thinking
  • Imagination: The Possibility Space in the Human Mind
  • Thinking About and Visioning the Future: Planning and Foresight

Chapter Sixteen - Creativity

  • The Mythos and Philosophy of Creativity
  • The Physics of Creativity and the Creativity of Evolution
  • The Psychology of Creativity
  • Psycho-Social Creativity
  • Creativity, Beauty, and Art
  • Techno-Human Creativity
  • A General Theory of Creativity
  • Creativity, Future Consciousness, and Wisdom

Chapter Seventeen - The Self and the Personal Narrative

  • Theories of the Self
  • Self-Reflectivity, Evolution, and Visions of the Ideal Future Self
  • Damasio’s Theory of the Autobiographical Self
  • Evolving the Personal Narrative
  • Connecting the Personal and Grand Narratives
  • Rewriting the Ideal Future Personal Narrative

Chapter Eighteen - Wisdom

  • The Contemporary Wisdom Renaissance - The Nature of Wisdom
  • An Evolutionary Future-Focused Vision of Wisdom
  • The Virtues of Wisdom - Assessing Your Level of Wisdom
  • Wisdom and the Ideal Future Personal Narrative: The Wisdom Narrative
  • The Centrality of Wisdom
  • The New Enlightenment and the Age of Wisdom
  • Evolution and Cosmic Consciousness
  • The Psychology of the Future and the Future of Psychology
  • Summary and Synthesis