The Evolution of Future Consciousness

Tom Lombardo, Ph.D.

Table of Contents


The Psychology and Value of Future Consciousness

The Perceptual Awareness of Time
Emotion, Motivation, and Future Consciousness
The Cognitive Dimension of Future Consciousness
The Holistic Nature of Future Consciousness
The Self and Future Consciousness
The Integrative Dimension of Future Consciousness
Ethics, Values, and Virtues
Philosophy, Cosmic Consciousness, and the Future
The Contemporary Transformation and the Challenge to Future Consciousness
Summary and Conclusion

The Origins of Future Consciousness

Life and the Environment
The Prehistoric Evolution of Humans
The Great Awakening, Culture, and the Discovery of Death
Sex, Love, and Aggression – Women, Men, and Children
Agriculture, Reciprocity, Conquest, and Ecological Control

Ancient Myth, Religion, and Philosophy

The Power of Mythic Narrative
The Mythic-Religious Quest for God
Babylonia and Egypt: Order, Chaos, Life, Death, and Sexual Creation
Hinduism and Buddhism: The Eternal One and Cosmic Consciousness
Taoism and Confucianism: The Yin-yang, Reciprocity, and Balance
Zoroastrianism: The War of Good and Evil
Greek Myth and Philosophy: The Apollonian, the Dionysian, and the Theory of Progress
Judaism: Prophecy and Monotheism
Christianity: The Union of Opposites and Augustine’s Vision of Universal Progress
Islam: Monotheism and Religious Conflict
God and the Future

Science, Enlightenment, Progress, and Evolution

The Rise of Modernism
The Scientific Revolution
Enlightenment and the Theory of Secular Progress
Hegel, Marx, and the Dialectic
Darwin’s Theory of Evolution

Conclusion and Summary