Contemporary Futurist

Tom Lombardo, Ph.D.

Table of Contents


Science Fiction as the Mythology of the Future

Myth and Science
The Genesis of Science Fiction
Cosmology, Future History, and the “Golden Age”
Evolution, Space, Time, and War
The New Culture and the “New Wave”
Cyberpunk and “How Science Fiction Conquered the World”
The Vast Reaches of Space, Time, and Mind
The Power and Breadth of Science Fiction

Future Studies

The Origins, History, and Nature of Future Studies
The Subject Matter, Goals, and Methods of Future Studies
Theories and Ideologies within Future Studies
Bell’s Comprehensive Overview of Future Studies
Predicting the Future
The Control and Creation of the Future
Summary and Conclusion

Modern Times and the Contemporary Transformation

Trends and Developments in the Twentieth Century
The Contemporary Transformation

Theories and Paradigms of the Future

Theories of Time and Change
Theories of Science, Technology, and Rationalism
Theories of Ecology and Nature
Theories of Psychology and Human Relations
Theories of Society, Culture, and Morals
Spiritual, Religious, and Mystical Theories
Integrative Theories
Summary and Conclusion: Future Consciousness, Evolution, Reciprocity, Spirituality, Virtue, and Wisdom