Wisdom, Consciousness,
and the Future

Collected Essays

Thomas Lombardo, Ph. D.
Center for Future Consciousness

Table of Contents


Evolving Future Consciousness Through the Pursuit of Virtue

The Pursuit of Wisdom and the Future of Education

Developing Constructive and Creative Attitudes and Behaviors about the Future

Wisdom and the Second Enlightenment

The Evolution and Psychology of Future Consciousness

The History of Future Consciousness

Futures Education and the Ideal Future Self-Narrative

Philosophy, Wisdom, and the Future

The Evolution and Future Direction of Marriage

Understanding and Teaching Future Consciousness

The Future Evolution of the Ecology of Mind

The Wisdom of Future Consciousness

Wisdom, Enlightenment, Science, and the Future

Multidisciplinary and Interdisciplinary Approaches to Futures Education

Wisdom in the Twenty-First Century: A Theory of Psycho-Social Evolution

Ethical Character Development and Personal and Academic Excellence

Integrative, Holistic, Wisdom-Based Futures Education

Educating the Wise Cyborg of the Future

The Ecological Cosmology of Consciousness

Creativity, Wisdom, and Our Evolutionary Future


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