Books on Future Consciousness by Tom Lombardo

Dr. Lombardo has accomplished what most of us can only dream about.  He has produced two innovative, thoughtful and weighty overviews of the study of the future, written from two dynamically different perspectives, at the same time.  And as an added bonus, the two books compliment each in highly original ways.  The more traditional book, Contemporary Futurist Thought, is a classic review of future studies literature, but much broader in scope than comparable reviews – and it benefits from that imaginative breadth.  Its companion, The Evolution of Future Consciousness, is a much more ambitious endeavor, aiming at nothing more that establishing the place of futures thinking in the history of human culture.

Timothy C. Mack
President, World Future Society

The Evolution of Future Consciousness

Contemporary Futurist Thought

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Part I - The Evolution of Future Consciousness
Part II - Contemporary Futurist Thought

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